NYC Upholstery

Upholstery refers to the materials and techniques used to cover and pad furniture, such as sofas, chairs, and other seating surfaces. Upholstery typically includes the use of fabric or leather, padding, and webbing or springs to create comfortable and durable furniture. The process we use at Vogue Window Fashion involves attaching the fabric or leather to the furniture frame using a variety of tools and techniques, such as sewing, stapling, and tucking, to create a smooth and attractive finish. Upholstery can also involve the use of decorative elements, such as buttons or nailhead trim, to add visual interest to the furniture. Overall, furniture upholstery plays an important role in both the function and aesthetic of furniture.

Here are some benefits to upholstering your furniture with Vogue:

  • Style: The choice of upholstery fabric and design can greatly enhance the overall appearance of furniture and can be used to complement the decor of a room
  • Restoration: Vogue recognizes the sentimental and architectural value of older furniture pieces; in some cases, upholstery can be used to restore old or damaged furniture to its former glory, by replacing worn-out padding or fabric
  • Protection: Upholstery can protect furniture from wear and tear, stains, and spills, which can extend its lifespan