NYC Custom Shutters

NYC shutters

From old-fashioned charm to modern elegance, our shutters can add character to even the plainest windows.

At Vogue, we love showing customers all the beautiful colors and designs available in wood, faux wood and vinyl shutters. And because we’ve been designing custom shutters in the Greater New York City area for so long, we’re experienced with every window shape there is.

Plantation shutters are versatile enough for any window or door in the house. Available in wood, hybrid or vinyl materials, shutters are both charming and functional. In addition to light control, when closed, shutters also help to insulate against heat, cold, and sound. Enjoy all the possibilities that plantation shutters offer.

Made from solid wood, hardwood shutters make a statement on a NYC home. These stunning shutters are durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient, making them an excellent addition to high-end homes and commercial spaces. They can be installed both inside and outside a window frame, allowing you to regulate the amount of light and privacy level of the room.

Hybrid shutters, made from hardwood and synthetic materials like vinyl or PVC, combine the best of each material. With these shutters, you get the beauty and charm of hardwood shutters with the bolstered durability and resistance of synthetic materials. The resulting shutter offers excellent light and privacy control, remarkable durability, and timeless allure.

Vinyl shutters, typically crafted from synthetic materials like PVC (polyvinyl chloride), are a cost-effective and attractive alternative to wood shutters. These shutters are remarkably durable, offering notable resistance to moisture, humidity, and NYC’s extreme temperatures. Furthermore, they’re a less expensive option than traditional wood shutters, making them an excellent alternative for the budget-conscious homeowner.

How Do Shutters Impact Energy Costs in NYC Apartments?

Adding shutters to your NYC apartment can make a significant impact on your energy costs. These window treatments are phenomenal insulators, helping to regulate temperatures in your home by reducing heat loss. Well-fitted shutters create a “sealed” effect in the window frame, helping keep conditioned air, whether heated or cooled, inside your NYC apartment.

Over time, these shutters can significantly reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Since windows lose and gain more heat per square foot of area than any other surface in your home, the addition of well-fitted shutters can make a substantial difference in your monthly utility bill.

Are Shutters a Good Investment for Increasing Property Value in NYC?

Installing high-quality shutters can be an excellent investment for increasing your New York City home’s property value. They add privacy to the home, which is a top priority for homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners. The amount of value they add to your home can vary based on the shutters you choose, although generally speaking, they boost your home’s appeal and value. 

Can Shutters Be Installed on Any Window Type, Including Skylights and Unusual Shapes?

Shutters can be a classy, stylish solution for skylights and windows of unusual shapes. Skylights present unique challenges for window treatments, as traditional curtains or drapes don’t work for these windows. However, there are a number of methods we can use to install shutters on your NYC skylights, ensuring you get the blend of privacy and natural light you want. 

Shutters can also be ideal for unusual or odd-shaped windows, which also present a challenge for other options, like drapes or curtains. Of course, since these windows are unique, a standard shutter won’t work, so custom options are necessary. At Vogue Window Fashion, we offer custom shutters in New York City to accommodate your skylights and unusual-shaped windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining your shutters in the urban environment of New York City is standard.

With interior window shutters, typical maintenance involves:

  • Weekly wipedowns with a damp cloth to remove dirt buildup
  • Dusting as necessary to remove fine dust
  • Checking window hardware routinely for rust and signs of deterioration
  • Ensuring all screws, bolts, and other hardware are snugly in place and in good condition


With outdoor shutters, the process differs slightly. Typical maintenance includes:

  • Routine rinsing to remove loose dirt and debris buildup on the slats
  • Regular wipedowns with a mild detergent to remove caked-on debris
  • Scrubbing as necessary  to eliminate persistent dirt and stains


When you get our custom shutters in New York City, we’ll review proper maintenance steps with you to ensure you can get the most out of your new window treatments. 

The best color shutters for your New York City home depends on the aesthetic you want to achieve. White is a popular option, ideal for creating a clean, airy, and bright ambiance in your home. Earth tones, such as cream, tan, and beige, are also popular picks for their clean and earthy appeal, beautifully complementing surrounding decor. 

Choosing the best color can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure what type of ambiance you want to achieve. Our design experts are here to help you select a stunning option that matches your needs and decor palette.

The best shutter material for your home depends on your budget, preferences, and needs. If you want an option that offers timeless elegance, hardwood can be an excellent fit. It exudes undeniable charm, accentuating other design features in your home. 

Or, perhaps you want a budget-friendly option. In this case, vinyl might be your best option. It’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, yet affordable, making it a good option for the budget conscious homeowner. 

If you want a blend of both materials, from the timeless look and feel of hardwood to the durability and longevity of synthetic materials, hybrid shutters might be your best fit. It’s the best of both materials, featuring the highlights of each option. 

If choosing a shutter material sounds daunting, don’t worry—our design experts can help. We’ll review your needs, preferences, and budget to help you select a suitable fit that will complement your home.