How To Care For Your Roman Shades



Roman shades care and maintenance

Roman shades epitomize elegance in the choice of window shades. These Roman shades not only provide an aesthetically classy, but also a textured, layered, and opulent feel that is not common with other types of shades. When it is time to clean your Roman shades, you need to take extra care, as it is not like cleaning traditional curtains.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Regular maintenance of your Roman shades will help you to keep them clean, free from dust and pet hair. It improves the quality of air indoors, and most of all will help in maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your Roman shades. Regular cleaning can be done by spot cleaning, washing, dusting, and vacuuming your shades. However, it is advisable that your brocade, embroidered, and other non-washable Roman shades are cleaned by professional cleaners only.

Vacuum Your Roman Shades

To clean your Roman shades, you need to use a vacuum and a fabric brush every week or you may even use a hand held vacuum. While you vacuum these shades, you need to pay particular attention to the folds of the shades, because this is where dust is bound to accumulate. You may even need to vacuum your Roman shadesthree times weekly, especially if you happen to live in a dusty, dry locality.

Dust Away from Your Roman Shades

You may use a static fabric duster or a feather duster on a weekly basis, on Roman shades that have brocade, quilting, embroidery, or other ornamental needlework. It will be prudent to spray a dust repellent on the duster to keep the dust from clinging. It is best to avoid using a vacuum as the suction may loosen the ornamental stitching and spoil the look of your Roman shades.

Spot Cleaning Your Roman Shades

If you find non-greasy stains on washable Roman shades, you need to spot clean them with club soda and remove the stain immediately. You may also use a mild stain remover solution to remove the stains.

Use of Washing Machines

You may also use the washing machine to wash your Roman shades if the fabric allows it. You will have to remove all the dowels from the shades, but you may or may not remove the strings attached to your shades. You will have to wash your Roman shades in their own load using warm water. You may prefer using liquid detergent in the washer to prevent detergent powder from depositing on the shades. After rinsing these shades in cool water, you may dry them in the dryer for just under an hour. Finally, you may restring the shades and hang them on the head rail.

Consult Professionals Cleaners At Least Once a Year

It is advisable to take your wool, fiberglass-blend, linen, or wool fabric Roman shades to a professional dry cleaner at least once a year. You may apprise the professional cleaner about the stains you may have removed by spot cleaning from your Roman shades, so that the same may receive professional treatment, if required.

Check before Hanging

After cleaning your Roman shades, you need to check and mend these shades for any broken or loose strings, drooping hems, and more, before hanging them up again.