6 Things to Consider When Installing Interior Shutters

Shutters can offer a timeless, versatile elegance to your home. Whether you want standalone shutters that steal the spotlight without assistance or shutters that accentuate your drapes, this window treatment can be an excellent solution. 

But, like adding furniture to your living room or selecting a stunning hardwood to clad your floors, there are several things to consider during interior shutter installations. 

What Should You Consider When Installing Interior Shutters?

Before and during an interior shutter installation, there are a handful of factors to consider. Here are a few essential considerations, from installation locations and shutter types to colors and materials. 

Installation Location

You don’t necessarily have to stick with one shutter type throughout your entire home. Instead of choosing a single option, you could incorporate several types to add dynamic and visual interest. 

For example, shutters with more privacy are often an excellent choice for the main floor, especially for homes on busy streets. However, on upper floors, some homeowners choose to incorporate shutters that let natural light stream in, as privacy concerns are less of an issue. 

Color Scheme

Consider your home’s color palette and how you want to tie your shutters into it. Do you want them to match the color of your window frames for a seamless, built-in look? Would you prefer a stark contrast that draws the eye, like dark hardwood in a sea of monochromatic white? Do you want to add a pop of color or a soothing, neutral shade?

While your shutters may not seem like a significant contributing factor, they make a remarkable difference in the overall appeal of your home. With the right colors, you can create the balance of your dreams or the contrast that adds an intriguing splash of color. 


Interior window shutters come in various shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and types. Each type features a different style, making it ideal for specific scenarios.

For instance, consider cafe-style shutters, which offer coverage over the bottom half of your window. These shutters are perfect for homeowners who want a blend of privacy and light, as the open upper half lets sunlight stream in while the lower half offers a degree of privacy. 

Or, consider traditional-styled shutters with wide slats. These shutters offer an excellent balance of light control and privacy, as you can adjust the angle of the shutters with the attached cord or bar to minimize light or maximize privacy. 

Curtains and Drapes

Shutters can be a standalone window treatment but also work beautifully with curtains or drapes. For example, you could install recessed shutters inside the window casing and pair them with opulent drapes that exude luxury.

Generally, recessed shutters are ideal for pairing with drapes or curtains, as they’re tucked conveniently out of the way and don’t interfere with your carefully swagged drapes. If you want a bold statement without the drapes or curtains, protruding shutters outside the window casing can be an excellent option. 


Interior shutters come in various materials, including hardwoods, plastics, polymers, and MDF. Each material has its merits and is best suited to a different application. For example, natural hardwoods are an excellent choice if you want long-lasting durability, luxurious looks, and a warm addition to your home. 

Alternative materials like plastic or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are more affordable than natural hardwoods but don’t last nearly as long. These materials often come in more colors and designs, allowing you to select the option that best matches your aesthetics. 


When choosing and installing shutters, understanding the factors contributing to the price is essential. This will help you better understand the prices and what to expect, so discussing this factor with your installer is vital. 

There are two primary contributing factors: the shutters and labor costs. The cost of the shutters themselves varies drastically based on factors specific to your situation, including the size of the shutters, how many you need, and the type you choose. The larger the project scope, the more expensive it will be. 

The labor cost to install interior shutters is the second major contributing factor. Like the shutter costs, this number hinges on your installation, depending on many of the same elements. 

When you find the perfect shutters, your provider usually provides a cost estimate encompassing the total project cost. This will give you an idea of what to expect and an itemized estimate of where each number stems from. 

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