4 Current Luxury Window Treatment Trends

Design trends ebb and flow, evolving from one thing to the next as tides change and one year fades into the next. While some trends continue to steal the spotlight, captivating audiences for years, others surge into the public eye, shining brightly with new potential. 

The last months and years have seen a handful of window treatment trends, including smart home integration, layered designs, earthy tones, and minimalistic themes. At Vogue Window Fashion, we have something for everyone, whether you prefer the simplicity of a roller shade or the complex interest of layered designs. 

4 of The Latest Window Treatment Trends

The last few years have seen a continuance of many trends, from modern conveniences to minimalistic themes. A few key trends have surged to the head of the trending board in the recent year, making them worthwhile considerations for homeowners seeking window treatment inspiration. 

Modern Conveniences

With the popularity of smart home automation systems, it’s no surprise this technology has made its way to window treatments. These window treatments feature motors that allow them to lift and lower or open and close with a single tap or voice command. 

Some offer convenient control with remotes, while others can connect to your smartphone, allowing you to set times for your window treatments to open or close. Some options are even compatible with smart home automation devices, allowing you to control your window treatments with a simple voice command. 

Motorized window treatments have gained traction in 2023, becoming an ultra-convenient alternative to manually operated options. 

Layered Interest

The presence of layered looks in current window treatment trends is another pleasant surprise. Many homeowners choose several window treatments, meshing them to create a beautiful, eye-catching, layered look. 

Recessed shutters and drapes are a stunning pairing, creating dynamic visual appeal between the angled slats and carefully swagged drapes. Standard roller shades and vertical blinds take up another place in the lineup, boasting a captivating blend of layered fabrics. 

Earthy Tones

Warm neutrals have remained popular for many homeowners, spanning various aesthetics and style preferences to create a shared interest. From beige and cream-colored fabrics to window treatments constructed sustainably from hardwoods and bamboo, these tones have made their mark in current window treatment trends. 

The beauty of earth tones lies in their versatility. They blend beautifully with varying color palettes and aesthetics, helping to create cohesive blends and stark contrasts. At Vogue Window Fashion, we offer a full array of cozy neutrals to bring your design dreams to life. 

Minimalistic Tendencies

Minimalism has been a crowd favorite in 2023, spreading across social media platforms like wildfire. Dozens of photos capture a minimalistic approach to home decor, featuring a stark focus on functionality and practicality. There’s a noticeable absence of bright patterns and bold hues and a remarkable prevalence of earthy neutrals and sharp lines. 

Flat Roman shades, neutral-colored ceiling-to-floor drapes, and roller shades have made their marks in the design world of minimalism. They offer a muted, classy presence that prioritizes functionality without unnecessary extra features. 

Upgrade Your Home’s Window Treatments With Vogue Window Fashion

The blinds, shades, and shutters cladding our windows are often a forgotten piece of the decor puzzle, yet their importance and impact are undeniable. Drab, worn-out window treatments can detract from your home’s aesthetics, dampening the overall appearance. Given their importance, choosing window treatments that work for your aesthetics is crucial.

Unfortunately, this can be a daunting task, especially if you have a blend of themes and colors throughout your home. But if your home’s window treatments are stuck in years gone by, and you don’t know where to start, Vogue Window Fashion can help. 

We offer free consultations to help you select a window treatment that beautifully complements your style and suits your individual needs. Ready to brighten your home with new window treatments? Contact us to book an appointment today!

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