Top Questions To Ask When Considering Commercial Window Treatments

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There are two basic perspectives to consider when making commercial window treatment decisions for your office or other business setting – the decorative perspective and the functional perspective. If functionality is more important than the decorative perspective, shading and how much light will or will not be let into the room could be a major concern. On the other hand, if  these window treatments are something that the public is going to see on a regular basis, treatments that are more decorative will likely be a considerable consideration.

What are Commercial Window Treatments?

Window treatments that cover, shade, and/or decorate the windows in an office building, restaurant, or other business setting are technically referred to as commercial window treatments. The type of  room or specific business is going to have a determining effect on what type of window treatment will be selected. Ask yourself questions like “What am I trying to convey through the room’s decor?” and “How important is the view or natural light through that window?”

Where Will Your Commercial Window Treatments Be Used?

Window treatments are used anywhere there is a window that needs either functional covering or decorative touches or both. One of the questions to ask yourself when picking out a window treatment is this: “Exactly where is the window and what is its function in the room?” You should consider not only location and functionality but design, color, fabric or no fabric, shading, window quantity, etc. And, as a bonus, you may even want to consider window treatments that operate mechanically with a remote control (especially in the case of huge, oversized windows with heavy  shading/window treatments). These are particularly utilitarian in rooms where demonstrations take place that may require blocking out all of the natural, outdoor light. (i.e. short films, overhead projectors, slide shows, etc.)

Choosing the Right Commercial Window Treatments

By working with a professional who knows the ins and outs of window treatments in a commercial setting and knows what questions to ask, you will be better armed in the fight against inappropriate or ineffective shades, blinds, draperies, etc. Helpful professionals will ask questions like “What kind of impact do you want these window treatments to have on your visitors and employees?”, “How many people will visit and/or work in the area being discussed?”, “How much natural light do you want to block out or let in?”, and most importantly, “What kind of business or industry are we dealing with here?”

Making appropriate decisions regarding your choice of window decorations/shading/treatments for your commercial business setting will have a direct effect on both employees and clients. Making the right kind of impression is vital but so is, at least in some rooms, letting in or blocking out the proper amount of natural lighting. A seasoned, educated professional can help you combine both functionality and the decorative aspects of commercial window treatments. If you are interested in using them for a new office or business construction, or you simply want to update your current window treatments, talk to us today to learn more.