Window Treatments combining – What You Should Know

Window Treatments 101
marrying window treatments

When one window treatment isn’t enough, there is always the option of  combining window treatments of two different types into one. Different homeowners, or in some case renters, have different reasons for wanting to change up the window treatments in their home. Perhaps you’re trying to block heat or light by doubling down, or you…


It’s Time To Update Your Curtains For The Spring Season!

Curtains & Drapery
curtains for the spring season

Particularly in areas where the four seasons are distinctive and most definitely separate, some individuals may actually want to change out at least a portion of their window treatments to celebrate the knowledge that spring is finally upon us. But it’s not just the weather that causes some people to shift gears. The heavy, cold…


How To Dress Up Your Bay Windows In Style

Window Fashion Trends
dress up your bay windows

Bay windows can be built in different styles depending on how they will lend themselves to the interior decor or exterior design. Additionally, there is something called a bow window which, though it differs slightly from a bay window, operates on basically the same principle. Both bay windows and bow windows can be strictly decorative…


Window Fashion Spotlight: Faux Wood Shutters

faux wood shutters

The popularity of faux wood shutters is on the increase, possibly due in part to their easy-to-maintain characteristics and their polished, inviting look. And unlike the more inferior shutters of the 1980s, which were made out of vinyl, the faux wood shutters of today are available with more realistic looking wood grains and in a…


Top Questions To Ask When Considering Commercial Window Treatments

Window Treatments 101
commercial window treatments

There are two basic perspectives to consider when making commercial window treatment decisions for your office or other business setting – the decorative perspective and the functional perspective. If functionality is more important than the decorative perspective, shading and how much light will or will not be let into the room could be a major…