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Pinch pleat curtains are a window treatment choice that will never go out of style. The fixed, uniform pleats sewn evenly along the top of the drapery distributes the fullness of the fabric, giving the drapes a clean, sharp look. It’s one of the reasons that pinch pleat curtains are one of the most popular style choices for custom window treatments in New York, as well as one of the most requested styles at Vogue Window Fashion.

Pinch Pleat Drapes
This cozy yet traditional sitting area showcases its tall ceilings and curved windows with graceful pinch pleat drapery mounted at the ceiling line on decorative hardware. The long panels match the wall color in order not to overwhelm the room and can be closed to offer privacy and filter sunlight.
These pinch pleat drapes shimmer and shine in this ultra chic and formal dining area. The silver and white color scheme is offset by touches of black and deep brown. Fabric patterns are kept to a minimum, allowing the furnishings to take center stage in this elegant and dramatic room.
These bespoke pinch pleat drapes will make quite a dramatic statement as they luxuriously frame your windows. Hung from traverse rods at the ceiling line, the fullness of the fabric gracefully pools to the floor and is held back by braided tassel tie backs – creating the perfect touch for this elegant living room.

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At Vogue Window Fashion we believe acquiring custom window treatments should be easy and worry free. Here’s how we would start your project today, from start to finish:

On Site Design, Measurement & Estimates

Our accomplished designers work onsite with you and present a variety of exquisite designs for window shades, curtains & blinds. Whether the aesthetic preference is modern or classic, Vogue has the right solution that suits you. Estimates are provided after selections and measurements are made. Our designers will not pressure you for sales.

Installation, Electrical Work & Automation

Installation is included in the cost . If any electrical work is required for motorized installations, it will be discussed upfront and included in our comprehensive services. We will setup and configure remotes and control boxes for any automation products you may have purchased from us.

Custom Manufacturing

Once an order is finalized, products are custom made to tailor fit your windows. We specialize in windows of all shapes and sizes such as curved windows, large windows and hard to reach skylights.

Continued support and services

We value our clients and will provide support and services for our products upto a year.

Pinch Pleat Drapes And Curtains

Pinch pleat drapes and curtains gather at regular intervals along the top and gradually expand towards the bottom for a full textured window treatment. They are self-lined and look beautiful on their own or under a valance or cornice. They can be placed on a rod for a traditional look or installed on a track for easy sliding. Pinch pleat drapes can also follow a rod around an irregularly shaped window or walls, such as a bay window or curved wall. Place them on mini rods over narrow windows for a tightly gathered look.

Tie-backs keep them open, framing the window and creating a focal point. Depending on the material and whether they’re sheer or combined with blackout fabric or shades, pinch pleat curtains can soften the natural light in a room or block it out completely. They can also serve as sound-proof curtains and room dividers.

While they are most dramatic on large windows, pinch pleat curtains add a little drama to any window in any room. Choose drapes that just reach the floor for a tailored look, or drapes with an extra inch or two of length to create an elegant “break” in the lines of the drapes.


Vogue Window Fashion has blended talents and backgrounds in art, fashion and design to create distinct window coverings that achieve a balance of edginess and attainability. Since opening offices in New York and New Jersey, Vogue Window Fashion has collaborating with clients around the country in both commercial and residential settings. Reflecting an ultrachic aesthetic, Vogue Window Fashion’s custom window treatments have been honored by Metropolitan Home as part of their “Design 100” and have appeared numerous times in publications such as New York Magazine, Boutique Design, Elle Decor, and more.


Whether the aesthetic preference is modern or classic, Vogue has the right solution to outfit your home. In addition to traditional options, Vogue’s state of the art motorized draperies, shades, and blinds make it easy to operate your treatments via remote or mobile phone. Motorized treatments have become especially appealing in recent years with the introduction of features such as wire-free motors, timers/sensors, quiet motion, and 3-5 year warrantees.


Vogue’s designers pride themselves on their ability to find a solution to all types of needs. Some common specialty projects completed include skylights, oversized windows, pet and child safe windows, fire-proof solutions and more. Contact our designers for an expert opinion today.


Custom furniture and upholstery improve the continuity in a room’s design theme. From style selection to fabric application, Vogue makes the upholstery process seamless. Furniture items including everything from chairs and sofas to beds and headboards can be fully customized. Choose from hundreds of swatches from the comfort of your home by scheduling a free consultation today.

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