Choosing Window Treatments For The Bedroom

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Choosing bedroom window treatments is unlike choosing a window treatment for your living room, office, family room, bathroom, or any other part of your home. Certain needs and stipulations apply when it comes to the drapes, shutters, blinds, etc. in your bedroom. They must offer the utmost in privacy and yet be aesthetically pleasing. They should block out as much light as possible yet allow the sun’s warm and wonderful light to illuminate the room in a cheery manner during waking hours. They may even be required to help protect against undesirable, outdoor conditions.

Good Quality Means Great Window Treatments

The quality of a product involves both the materials used in the manufacturing of an item and the manufacturing process itself. Inferior materials and good manufacturing don’t ensure a desirable and durable product any more than good materials and shoddy manufacturing. The combination of the two must be perfect and work together flawlessly in order to provide you, the consumer, with a superior, long-lasting product.

Color Is Important

Homeowners, and in some cases renters, can agonize over the color scheme and decor of their homes. And when you take into consideration that there are any number of rooms in a home, that can be a lot of agonizing. All the more reason to make sure you whether you are going with cellular shades, blinds, shutters, draperies, or some other window treatment that the colors stand up to sunlight and general wear and tear. The stains, paints, and/or patterns used in your window treatment should be treated with UV inhibitors to assure ever-lasting vibrancy.

All Things Energy Efficient

For the most part, unless it’s a gorgeous, sunny day we want what’s outside to stay outside. We also want the energy that our home puts into keeping itself at a comfortable, regulated temperature to be used efficiently… not wasted. This means blocking out (or filtering) not only the sun at times but keeping the cold, windy, snowy conditions at bay. Helpful hint: shutters are a magnificent way to keep the elements where they belong and make the most of the energy being used to regulate the temperature in your home.

Complete Control of Light and Dark

Some people need utter black-out conditions in order to sleep well. That’s usually an easy order to fill during nighttime hours. But what about when Mother Nature shines her light the brightest? Anyone wishing to take a nap, or those who have a schedule that dictates they sleep during the day, can find it nearly impossible to get the bedroom dark enough to really sleep deeply. For these very reasons, window treatments offering the best possible control of light and dark are a necessary part of many bedrooms. And if you have a skylight in your bedroom, that will call for yet another, very specific type of window treatment.

And finally, the topic of privacy which is in many cases the primary criteria in the choice of what window treatment will work best in the bedroom. Prying eyes will certainly have a hard time seeing through drapes, shades, and/or blinds. But silhouettes could still be detected through some thinner materials. For this reason, heavier blinds and shutters frequently offer not only the privacy but the light control that many are looking for. Both can be opened or closed, depending on the level of lighting required or desired.