It’s Time To Update Your Curtains For The Spring Season!

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curtains for the spring season

Particularly in areas where the four seasons are distinctive and most definitely separate, some individuals may actually want to change out at least a portion of their window treatments to celebrate the knowledge that spring is finally upon us. But it’s not just the weather that causes some people to shift gears. The heavy, cold…


Telling The Difference Between Pelmets And Cornices

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pelmets and cornices

With no background in interior decorating, it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes between pelmets and cornices. They have routinely, but somewhat incorrectly, been referred to as valances. But valances are made of a soft, hanging material/fabric and are softer looking, more casual, and tend to be gathered at the top. Both pelmets…


The Real Problems of Using Store-Bought Curtains

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store-bought curtains

Even if you are an avid do-it-yourself and you like to save money wherever possible, there are just some areas that require things that are not generic and/or store-bought. Some people can fit into off-the-rack clothing whereas others must, at the very least, shop in specialty stores or departments. Much the same can be said…