Automated Window Treatment Solutions Considerations and Benefits to Homeowners

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Automated Window Treatment Solutions Considerations and Benefits to Homeowners

Whether you’re remodeling your home or building a new one, selecting the right window treatments is important. When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home, nothing works better than window treatments. The perfect Window treatments not only elevate your home decor but also protect your interior design from sun damage. There are several kinds of window treatments; however, motorized window treatments have gained wide popularity amongst New York City and New Jersey residents.

Nowadays, motorized window treatments are designed to provide elegance and convenience to residential or commercial spaces. Motorized window coverings aren’t just about looks; they will also make your home more modern and advanced in its truest sense. As home automation has become more popular and more affordable in recent years, the motorized window treatment options have expanded. Making the decision to invest in motorized treatment needs quite a few considerations including:

  • Motor: The functionality of your window treatment will greatly depend on the type of motor you select. So, when it comes to deciding which motor will work best for you, seek a brand that comes with a complete warranty. Some brands provide a limited warranty that does not cover all the parts, make sure that you make enquiries.
  • Compatibility: Before finalizing a particular motor, you need to know what type of shades or blinds it is compatible with. In fact, most window treatment options can be motorized, but not all motors work with all the options.
  • Noise: This is one of the most critical considerations that you mustn’t ignore. Thus, before you purchase your motorized solution, try and get a demo for your chosen option and pay special attention to the motor sounds. Buy it only if you are comfortable with the noise level.
  • Remote Control Options: Before you make the final decision on a motorized window treatment, you need to explore all the remote-control options available today. There are remotes that can control a variety of window treatments, while others may only control one specific set of shades/blinds. Hence, it is advisable to choose a remote that can control all your motorized window treatments.

The aforementioned facts are key to get the best quality motorized window treatments for your home. Motorizing your window treatments comes with a wide range of benefits that make your life easier, Including:


Convenience is one of the most popular reasons for motorized window treatments. With motorized window shades or blinds, you can open, close and tilt them, all at the same time with the touch of a button instead of going to each window separately. Automated control feature is ideal for windows that are either too high to reach or are blocked by heavy furniture. Moreover, there are many motorized window treatments that allow computer monitoring, giving you extra convenience to raise or lower them at any time of the day or night.


Many motorized window treatments come with a programmable timer that allows them to move up or down randomly, giving your home a real lived-in appearance. When the shades or blinds move up and down throughout the day or night, your house looks as if someone is there even when you are away.


The cords used to operate traditional blinds and shades can cause hazard to your children and pets. However, almost all motorized blinds or shades are cordless and chain free keeping your children and pets free from any kind of hazards.

Energy Savings

There is a wide range of motorized window treatments that are powered by autosense technology enabling them to adjust automatically based on the amount of sunlight. This feature allows the homeowners to cut down on their electricity bill.

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